Discussion: Superheroes Are Real

Superheroes Are Real

Why your ability and mentality are the most important powers

What do you consider the defining trait of a superhero? Is it their unique and powerful abilities? Their routine habit of turning up at the right time to save the day? Perhaps it’s their enduring modesty or friendly face? Let’s look at the real ability you’re hiding.

We spend hours reading comics, staring at TV’s and telling stories about how, against all odds, these men, woman and aliens defeat our worst fears and return the world to normal. Perhaps though, our worst fear is actually the fact there are no heroes and our world is, forever, normal.

But that’s not true is it? Don’t you remember that one time you finished the assignment with minutes to spare? When you managed to make that impossible meal despite missing half the ingredients? When you got to work on time and in once piece despite public transport plotting against you? Even that Netflix marathon you managed in a night. My point here isn’t what you might first think, it’s not about how hero’s are all around us. But it is about how we can all be hero’s, without the capes.

Superhero’s aren’t real

We can’t fly, travel in time or read our crushes mind. The problem is we spend so long admiring these constructed role models and all they do is make us dream. ‘Dreaming isn’t so bad’ you might say, but there’s something you’ve forgotten about dreaming. It’s that you only dream, when you’re asleep.

We sleep walk into our monotonous lives dreaming about what we could be doing and we don’t focus on what we’re doing. If we were to only open our eyes we’d see that there are challenges, villains that need defeating and worlds that need saving, right in front of us. The difference between successful people and mediocre people isn’t the scale of their impact, its the detail in the challenges they set themselves. A super hero isn’t often undone by their ambition, to defeat the villain, as much as they are undone by the smaller things in life such as keeping their day job.

You’re a superhero.

The important thing about superhero’s is that no-one, including themselves, know their super powers until they’re ready and need to. So when do they often discover them? In their day to day lives, trying to overcome the smaller challenges in life. Each and every one of us can have super abilities, and it’s not a lottery as to what you get. The only way to find them is to push the limits of everything you do, accept everything as a challenge even if you aren’t initially interested.

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