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Reviewing the Thriva health package

I’ve been harassed around the internet by Thriva for a while now, It’s not surprising considering ym interest the affect being recently ill has probably had on my search hiostory. Plus recently researching into DNA and CRISP and my existing 23andMe.

It was an Instagram post and attatched offer that finally made me givin, I signed up, submitted my address, a very smooth process and in less than 24 hours it was htrough my letterbox – very impressive.

Unfortunatly I had chosen this weekend to meet a friend and go on a weekend of drinkiong and eating shinanigens. So to avoid contaminating ym results, I chose to wait a couple days before I began the process of sucking ym blood and sending it on it’s way.

I didn’t renew B12 Active as my B12 was alrteady low.

This means that your B12 levels might show as normal following one of these blood tests, but that in reality you could have low levels of active B12 – the version the body can actually use. Active B12 typically makes up 10% – 30% of all the B12 in the body, so someone sitting in the “normal,” range with the widely used serum tests might actually be B12 deficient.

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