Woodrow Cox writes for the BrettWilsonLLP Media Law Blog about Breaching Venables/Thompson Injunction

Brett Wilson LLP Media Law Blog has published an article written by Woodrow Cox regarding Actress Tina Malone breaching the injunction that restricts the publication of any material relating to the James Bulgar killers’ location and/or new identity. Read about it here.

Edited by Iain Wilson, partner at BrettWilsonLLP.

Woodrow Cox

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I am a LPC student studying at the University of Law, with aspirations of qualifying as a Solicitor after completion of my legal education and training in London. I have a strong interest in Civil Litigation, Financial and Commercial law, and are currently in search of a Training Contract. It comes as no surprise that I will be mainly writing for the Legal Edition, in addition to my position as lead editor for any contributors who wish to write legal themed posts. I also have a strong interest in Economics, Business, Psychology, Self Help and Mental Health Awareness which I may also write about from time to time.
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